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July 8th

I get the impression that there is a lifting of the tail in the markets of the world. Yesterday, it was Russia. Today, it was the Channel Islands. I still hear merchants of doom muttering about the Spanish and the possibility of a double-dip recession. I am hoping against hope that that doesn’t happen. If confidence is any guide, it’s looking all right.

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July 7th

Had a business conference call to clients in Russia today. It was intersting how they were totally comfortable with speaking English and I don’t know a word of their langauge. I remember that it was like trying to prise open an oyster to get a Frenchman to speak English in my youth. Now, you can’t shut them up.

It’s  clearly time that we all started to learn Gaelic, or Anglo-Saxon to keep these damned foreigners at bay.  Otherwise, they’ll all end up knowing exactly what we say and they can talk about us right in front of us without us understanding a word of what they’re saying about us. It’s rather like being asked to take your clothes off in the doctor’s surgery. Rather embarrassing!

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July 6th

I am always struck by the sheer range of resources available on the internet. For example; Gumtree. That is http://www.gumtree.com which is a (mostly free) website for adverts in the UK and in several other countries world-wide. If you live in South Africa, you’ll have it too.

Now, if you want to sell anything, or look for a job, or find a place to live etc, etc, this is the place to go. I don’t know how many companies can claim to have used the site successfully to keep their businesses going. I have managed to sell old computers through it that I couldn’t have got rid of any other way, so it’s good for cash generation too.

If you want to make money on the internet, there is absolutely no doubt about it, the free resources of the internet are there to be used to your advantage!

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July 5th

A bit of a special day today. My daughter’s birthday (my older daughter). Always one of those days that is special. The whole family was there for the lighting and blowing out of candles. Families are special. I enjoy having my family around me. Always have done. I think that it is sad that real families are almost a minority nowadays with partners, instead of  husband and wife. Still, these things are part of the gender politics of the last twenty or thirty years. It’s probably healthier than the baby-making machines that may replace us. After all, why go through the pain of childbirth if a machine can do it for you.In fact, why bother having the little blighters at all when you could spend your whole life indulging yourself and then, at an ancient age, you’ll think, “It would have been nice to have someone who would still have loved me in my old age and infirmity. It would be nice to have someone there when my third husband/partner/boyfriend (delete as required) passed on.” Families offer that.

Even if we abhor the horrific behaviour of other societies when they make demands of their families that we regard as being excessive, they do tend to be there for one another. If they’ve got past Immigration, of course.

When can the killer treasure a betting knight? As the porcupine said to the Archangel.

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July 4th

A bit of a wet day. Not that we couldn’t do with a bit of rain.

I discovered today that the average life-expectancy of an adult in Britain around the turn of the twentieth century was 48. I find that a bit hard to believe as the reason why the old age pension was pegged at 65 was that it was first introduced in Germany in the 1900s when the average life expectancy of a man was 66. Cynical? Maybe. It gave us a benchmark, at any rate.  For that reason, I find the age quoted as the average life-expectancy in one of the Sunday broadsheets rather unlikely. However, if you think of the way in which so much has improved in the last hundred years or so, even if it isn’t as much as quoted, it makes you wonder how long the babies being born now may life. It is a bit of a show-stopper to think that one of us who is now alive could  be remembered by someone who may  still be mentally alert in 2150. After all, I knew people as a child (eg my grandmother) who would be over 130 now. If that is the case, then what will people do when they are physically infirm, but still (one hopes) mentally alert? That seems to be a good argument for training our brains so that we have interests to keep us occupied in our dotage!

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July 3rd

We have a Japanese house-guest at the moment. He hopes to take a course to improve his English. However, it’s still better than my Japanese! I am hopeful that he will understand that we have our ways of doing things, much as he has himself.

Several seagulls have settled themselves hereabouts and clearly regard it as home. They are noisy blighters, flying around and squawking at each other in the dark. Luckily, there aren’t too noticeable once you’re inside.

I am brewing another online idea at the moment. It’s a good one too.

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July 2nd

A beautiful day. I had an all-day meeting organized to train a client. It just goes to show that you find that the expectation of how a meeting will go is often quite at odds with the outcome.

I was expecting to have a dynamic tiger to deal with. In fact, I found that I was needing to proved some TLC and to stress that my best efforts would be directed to help him out. That’s what we have to do when we take on a client who needs our insight. We need to see the person underneath and not necessarily to believe the image that has been presented.

I’m sure there’s something very deep in that!

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July 1st

I had a meeting to go to today and it just goes to show that things just cannot be planned ahead sometimes. I was dressed in full fig; suit and tie and umbrella. I needed the brolly as it was teeming down.

I was stepping out smartly to reach the rendezvous when I trod on a loose paving-stone. The next second, I was drenched from ankle to knee with muddy water. Well! I arrived for the meeting looking like a drowned rat. Nothing could have forewarned me about that. Always be prepared for the unforeseen!

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June 30th

I had discussions with the Trading Standards people about a product that I bought from called ‘Work 370’. It claims to offer a ‘no quibble  guarantee’. It does no such thing. It operates from various mailbox accounts across the country and is run by someone called ‘Gary Smith’ or ‘Richmond-Smith’. There is no mechanism for obtaining the guarantee and the product is a waste of money. If you come across ‘Solihull Press’, or Mr Smith, avoid both like the plague!

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